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Patient Mobility

We created TPM Research to transform the way healthcare providers transport and care for patients.
Our new Care Continuum Patient Chairs are ergonomically optimized for both the patients and the healthcare staff responsible for moving them.
The Care Continuum Chairs from TPM Research are engineered to ideally interact with the human form to promote comfort and safety to radically improve patient experience and satisfaction.
The Care Continuum Chair™
Incorporating a wide range of new design innovations that remain unavailable on any current transport vehicle, these inventive chairs are feature-rich: The seating position maintains a lower center of gravity providing a sense of greater stability, superior comfort and improved posture. The patented Powered Assist Lift (PAL) raises the patient’s center of gravity until it’s centered over the legs, mimicking the biomechanics of standing from a seated position. Patients can stand with less effort and stress on staff is reduced when assistance is required. Footplates rest flat and flush to the floor during transfer, eliminating the bending efforts required by healthcare staff when dealing with conventional footrests. In addition, the powered seat lifting system also reclines the seat to place the patient into a more comfortable and secure range of semi-reclined transit positions.
Additional features include an ergonomically designed handle which is both comfortable and efficient to push, low resistance full range casters, and built in features including an IV pole, O2 tank support, and space for storage of personal items.